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eva foam mats


  • Taekwondo Mats / Karate Mats / Martial arts Mats / Yoga Mats / Gym Fitness Mats / Kids Play Puzzle Mats / Interlocking Foam Mats
  • By high-temperature hot pressing, a wear-resisting layer is formed on the surface of the products, making the mats skid-resistant and wear-resistant. The middle tier of the products is made up of EVA foaming buffer layers.
  • After being processed by aging-proof and fastening technology, high purity of EVA wear-resisting layer is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and has a service life of 6 years. It also can strengthen the stability of the field.
  • Like an air cushion, EVA foaming buffer layer provides absolute security, resilience and standard vibration absorption, with a rate of 50% to 70%.
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Protector Gear Guard

  • Mouth guard / Groin Guard / Hand & foot guard / Arm & Leg guard / Chest guard / Head & Face guard for Taekwondo | Karate | Martial arts.
  • Our mouth guard made by non-toxic tasteless green silicone, soft full stretch and more effective accident sustained impact force, provide the full protection of the teeth safety.
  • These mouth guards can be used for Taekwondo, Karate, Martial arts, MMA, boxing, wrestling, football, or any other contact sport.
  • The head guard made by dipped foam, other protectors made by PU+EVA+foam, provide good protection for Taekwondo, Karate, Martial arts sports.
Protector Gear Guard
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  • We also Provide : Sports Uniform, Taekwondo martial arts karate judo belt, Boxing ring, hand wraps, kicking pad & board, taekwondo martial arts karate shoes, Resistance band tube, Boxing gloves, Backpacks, Inflatable Air Track & SUP ...

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